Mixed feelings

Siegelman, Scrushy go straight to jail- al.com

On the one hand, both Scrushy and Siegelman got off on the previous charges, of which Scrushy was certainly guilty and Siegelman probably. On the other hand, these charges were pretty phony. Moreover, there’s some problem with a system where Scooter Libby walks free on bail during his appeal and Don Siegelman goes straight to jail, where Libby gets 30 months for a violation of national security and Siegelman gets seven years for political corruption that doesn’t far violate politics as usual.

2 responses to “Mixed feelings

  1. e. nonee moose

    Is it reasonable to compare this to the Guy Hunt conviction? Hunt got probation and then a pardon by the parole board he appointed. I don’t think Don is going to get such a break.

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