Monthly Archives: June 2007

It’s the traffic

Crowd opposes Hoover Muslim center plan-

And not because they’re Muslims. People in Hoover love Muslims but they hate traffic more.

Nobody spoke in favor of the center, not even to say that snarky bloggers will make them look like ignorant redneck peckerwoods for opposing the project.

Happy Bigfeet

Giant penguins may have roamed Peru – Yahoo! News

A five-foot-tall penguin with a “long sharp beak” that was “remarkably spearlike”. Who’s cute now, huh?

(Via Meryl.)

Great, another one

Sentencing hearing for Scrushy, Siegelman could be like a mini-trial, lawyers say-

Here’s what I hope: I hope that Siegelman’s lawyers try to subpoena Karl Rove. Wouldn’t that be great? At any event, the sentences that the government is asking for do seem a bit long; Siegelman, for one, is 61 and a 30-year sentence is essentially life.

Big trailer’s lobbyists will stop it

Bill would mandate weather radios-

Spencer Bachus has a bill that would force manufacturers to put weather radios in all new trailers “manufactured homes”. Sounds like big government to me.

Separated at birth?

Bush pushes for nuclear power-


Bush wants to build more nuclear plants. I don’t actually disagree, but I’d think that I’d avoid saying that at Browns Ferry, the worst plant in the country.

Or have them shot

AG says cities have authority to fine, jail parking violators

Like there was any chance “Troy King” wouldn’t think it’s a great idea to put people in jail for unpaid parking tickets.

21st century grave robbing

Funeral home porter charged in ID theft case-

Stealing the identities of the dead is just gauche.