Daily Archives: July 1, 2007

Birmingham now on Mississippi River

Outside looking in- al.com

Mobile, too. To be fair, they’re Australians and probably drunk.

From the Don’t Refuse a Compliment, Even If It’s Misplaced, Department: The Australian talks up cruising on the Mississippi River. One spot not to miss: The Magic City. “Down the Lower Mississippi the Queens take travellers … from Birmingham, Alabama, home of the civil rights marches, to Mobile, and Memphis … in a variety of cruises.” We knew a quake on the New Madrid Fault could change the course of the Mighty Mississippi, but this cruise line might be getting ahead of itself.

For Yankees and other various foreigners, Birmingham is about 200 miles from the Mississippi, and not, in fact, on any river at all. The closest rivers, the Black Warrior and the Cahaba, flow into the Tombigbee and the Alabama, which flow into the Gulf.

Entitled rich people upset law applies to them, too

Vestavia Hills may adjust water rules after protests- al.com

Vestavians are whining about having to obey water conservation rules and those awful policemen waking them up to tell them to turn off their (banned) automatic sprinklers. I mean, they should at least have the common sense to use the servants’ entrance.

Everyone’s a bit on edge

Suspicious package briefly closes Southside streets – Breaking News from The Birmingham News – al.com

You know what gets me? That the “package” — which was just a homeless man’s gear — was found near Southside Baptist Church and the Southside Library. (Location.) Now, I’ve spent hours in that area — I would eat lunch on the steps of the church, and I volunteered at that library for a period. But it wasn’t the Southside Library then, it was Parke Memorial. There was a different library that had the Southside name. When did this change?