Daily Archives: July 5, 2007

The awesome power of Governor Bob

We mocked the Governor’s call for prayer to end the drought, but as Dan initially noted the disturbing thing is that it seems to have worked. At any rate, it’s rained almost every day (here, at least) since the proclaimation. It’s raining (a little) now. Lake Purdy is at “safe yield” levels.

The only question is what Riley will do with his powers now. Walk across the Alabama? Heal the Republican Party? Reach a long-lasting agreement with Paul Hubbert to save Alabama schools? Well, let’s not go overboard.

I guess what they say is true

Scrushy’s son, 3 others arrested on drug charges- al.com

If your daddy is a criminal, you probably will be one too. Huh. He appears to just be a user and not a dealer, if it helps. The personal names of the people arrested: “Brandon”, “Phillip”, “Brittany”, and “Kayla Lynn”.

Shocking news from Hoover

Muslim center opposition questioned- al.com

Some people think that maybe, just maybe, people are opposed to a Muslim religious center just because it’s for Muslims and not because of traffic. Crazy, I know.