Daily Archives: July 6, 2007

At least they say they’re the police

Lipscomb police wash cars for residents – Breaking News from The Birmingham News – al.com

They may actually be the City Council planning to steal your hubcaps. Can’t be too careful.

Ken Zadnichek is the stupidest man in the world

HIV-positive boy focus of dispute- al.com

So this clown, Ken Zadnichek, who runs an RV park near Mobile, won’t let an HIV-positive kid use the pool or the showers or other common areas. He is a bigger moron than George Bush.

“We weren’t sure if somebody could get the virus if the child upchucked on them or from blood or what,” Zadnichek said Thursday. “We didn’t know what the risk was. That’s why we asked for something from their doctor or the county health department.

“I’m not responsible for their feelings,” he continued. “I’m responsible for the well-being of everybody in the park. If their feelings got hurt, I’m sorry. That’s the way it’s got to be.”

Zadnichek also said he might require guests to fill out medical questionnaires in the future, in light of the Glovers’ complaints.

He also said the Glovers were uncooperative and threatened to alert media outlets to the situation. “Why don’t you write about all the good things we have?” Zadnichek asked after being contacted by the Press-Register.

Oh, and the child’s foster father is a 69-year-old cancer patient. No word on whether Zadnichek was afraid of catching that, too.