Daily Archives: July 7, 2007

Meanwhile, the Mayor…

Mayor applies for rights- al.com

Apparently “Simon Speights” — if that is his real name — had his right to vote restored in 2004 but not his civil and political rights. So he can’t own a handgun (a problem if he’s going to impersonate a policeman) or hold political office (a problem if he’s going to be mayor). He’s applied for their restoration, but wouldn’t holding political office under these circumstances be, you know, a crime? Which means that he’d have to apply again? Lipscomb, so many questions.

According to entries from my old site that I haven’t moved over yet, the previous mayor resigned for reasons of “safety”. And the mayor before that was “missing” for a week but nobody reported it because nobody was concerned and eventually he showed up.

Lipscomb car wash update

Lipscomb officials strive for `positivity’ in city- al.com

This seems rather sensible:

Chief Conlin Payne said he wanted to have the carwash so residents would know the actual police officers.

So who else was there but Gaston Randle, the city councilman who started the recent problems. I hope he was wearing an “I’m not a policeman” sign, but I doubt it.