Siegelman disappeared

Siegelman moved, likely to Texas-

Now, I’m not saying that the Bush Administration has actually moved Don Siegelman to a secret holding facility in an effort to protect Karl Rove. But would you really put it past them? At any rate, this is clearly just a screw-Siegelman move, taking him from Atlanta to Texas so his family and attorneys have to jump through hoops to visit him. If you doubt this, then why was his former cellmate, Richard Scrushy, left in Atlanta?

UPDATE: No, it’s Louisiana. Still farther than Atlanta (or Montgomery, where there’s a facility they could use) but not as far as Texarkana.


4 responses to “Siegelman disappeared

  1. Keeps him safe from all those prisoners he’s put away and was consequently worried about pre-sentencing.

    How many of them could be in Louisiana?

  2. Mac Thomason

    Well, apparently Riley’s bringing the state prisoners we’d parked there home.

  3. The latest word appears to be he’s at a holding facility in Oklahoma City, but he’s traveled around the country more than George W did on 9/11, so he could be anywhere by now.

  4. Linda Nkosi

    We will probablly witness a great deal of procedural machinations designed to slow down the story of what really happened until January 2009. After that, we might actually see former United States of America executives and attorneys under investigation and on trial. All of this is bad for democracy.

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