Bad lawyer! Bad!

Employee punished for buying alcohol in city car-

Apparently, there’s a rule against carrying alcohol in Birmingham city-owned vehicles, even when they’re being used for private purposes. Apparently, an assistant city attorney was driving, probably driving home, in a city-owned car. Some city attorneys do this. And he stopped by a (state-owned) liquor store to pick up some booze. This offended a local busybody, who called a professional local busybody who has a radio show and is very proud of himself.

2 responses to “Bad lawyer! Bad!

  1. You probably knew this already, but Frank Matthews is a loud-mouth a**hole.

  2. Mac Thomason

    I didn’t — I don’t get Birmingham AM radio, in two senses of “don’t get” — but on the other hand the article made it pretty clear that he was.

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