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Assistant DA resigns after shoplifting arrest-

A Shelby County ADA had to resign after stealing $70 worth of energy bars from a Wal-Mart. “Troy King” has been asked to appoint a special prosecutor, possibly because the former ADA was the one responsible for prosecuting shoplifting.

They did it on spec

Drummond exec. denies paying for murders of Colombian union leaders – NewsFlash –

He knows his audience

Thompson set to raise funds in Mountain Brook-

In the 2008 presidential race, there are two separate but equally plutocratic groups: the Republican presidential candidates who ask for money, and the Brookies who give it to them. This is their story.

Waaaah!!!! It’s our water!

Atlanta must share water with Alabama |

Georgia has been taking Alabama’s water for decades. Now that Alabama needs some of Georgia’s water, they’re whining and saying they have none to spare.

No, not FEMA!

Lawyers discouraged tests of FEMA trailers

So, they had reports that the emergency trailers used by Katrina refugees (hey, whatever happened to those guys, anyway, I haven’t heard anything) were contaminated with dangerous levels of formaldehyde. But the agency’s lawyers (proud graduates of Regent University Law, no doubt) told them not to investigate.

How high are the levels we’re talking about? About 1.2 parts per million, in one case. That may not seem like a lot, but an acceptable 15-minute exposure is .1 PPM. FEMA’s guy says that most of the trailers aren’t that bad.

Gee, thanks

Federal numbers for Louisville in city’s book-

For some reason, the numbers for federal government offices in area code 502 instead of for 205 were printed in the AT&T blue pages of the Birmingham phone book. A spokesman says that if you have to talk to someone in the government offices you should call information (which charges) or go online.

This is increasingly wonderful

DA tries to force out Lipscomb’s mayor-

The Bessemer DA has gone to a judge to get Simon Speights — if that is his real name — removed as mayor of Lipscomb. He says that there is case law that Speights can not be the mayor, that even if his civil rights are fully restored that he’d have to run again. Not that anybody ever seems to run for mayor of Lipscomb, it seems to just be inherited by whoever the senior member of the city council is, or elected by the city council.

And who, you may ask, is the senior member of the city council who will inherit the position? Why, none other than Gaston Randle, who was indicted three times in a single week a month or so ago and who started this whole mess.

(Full disclosure: the Bessemer DA is a family friend.)