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Current events

Pete Seeger sings out against Stalin – Yahoo! News

Sure, now he does. But if I recall correctly, when Stalin was alive and doing Stalin things, ol’ Pete thought that was just nifty.

Et tu, me?

Actor Playing Brutus Stabs Himself |

Go figure

Riley: Show school spirit |

I don’t think that governors should go around taking part in marketing schemes, and frankly I don’t do anything Riley says if I can avoid it, and I never heard about this thing until just now… but it turns out I’m wearing red today anyway. I blame the NCAA.


Kincaid threatens to close bridge-

I was thinking I’d set up a pool to predict when the bridge would collapse and what would cause it. I was think SUV, Thanksgiving weekend. But no, Kincaid’s going to close it if truckers and SUVs don’t stop driving across.

This seems inappropriate

Kincaid’s campaign has one big contributor – Breaking News from The Birmingham News –

Ninety-six percent of donations to Bernard Kincaid’s re-election campaign came from or through Donald Watkins. (Who, among other things, used to be on Scrushy’s defense team when the Scrush’s defense involved pretending to be black.) It seems a little bit extreme, but apparently all the money is funnelled through PACs nowadays and this is just taking it all to the logical limit.

Strictly a formality, I’d guess

Lipscomb councilman’s felony cases going to grand jury – Breaking News from The Birmingham News –

Acting Mayor Gaston Randle (I thought they were going to get on getting a permanent replacement right away?) waived his right to a hearing and is going to the grand jury, which presumably will indict as they almost always do.

I didn’t know Michael Vick was a councilman

Councilman charged in dog killing-

A city councilman from Mulga has been charged with first degree cruelty for shooting a dog. He denies any involvement, but then so did Michael Vick.