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Caffeinated potato chips?

Golden Flake launches ‘energy’ chip – Breaking News from The Birmingham News – al.com

They sound disgusting, but then “energy” drinks are disgusting, too. I assume they will have zero trans fat!

In which I do actual reporting, sort of

Katrina aid goes to condo buyers | TuscaloosaNews.com

So this story has been going around the last couple of days and some people have been critical of the University of Alabama, and of Alabama football fans, for supposedly taking advantage of a tax break that was meant for Katrina victims. I thought this was odd, since the break seems to be being used only by private developers, not by the University or individuals.

So I called up media relations at the University and talked to the boss out there. She was not particularly interested in my questions, since I am by my own description “just a blogger”, and had no formal statement. However, she says that from all she can tell my perception is correct, that the University has nothing to do with this, that it all the doing of private developers.

This should by no means excuse Richard Shelby, whose fault this is.

Roy in the Moonie paper

Bad judicial precedent — The Washington Times, America’s Newspaper

Pretty standard Royist rhetoric — starts off with a quote from the Bible, throws in some Blackstone, some 19th century judge, but nothing from the last 180 years, compares throwing out laws banning sexual practices between consenting adults to Dred Scott, attacks “liberal” judges for doing things that are standard among the reactionary SCOTUS majority. Was he paid for this?

Via The World Around You.

I should point out that Hitler was also a Chancellor

GOP wants AEA official’s apology for `Fuehrer’ remark- al.com

Joe Reed called the new chancellor of the Alabama two-year college system “Fuehrer” in a letter. Republicans are predictably and understandably upset.

Pray for air conditioning

100-degree streak may burn record- al.com

The Governor is meeting with the health guy to talk about opening “cooling centers” for people without air conditioning. Today is expected to reach 100 degrees in Birmingham, tying the record with eight straight days of three-digit heat, which should be shattered as it’s expected to reach that through Friday at least. Here in Tuscaloosa it’s expected to reach 108 today. I have literally never lived in conditions like this.

But NASA was off by .03 degrees, so there’s no such thing as global warming.

The First what?

Muslim center request denied- al.com

Here’s your irony of the day.

Slack also mentioned the First Amendment protection of religious freedom. But Commission Chairman Mike Wood interrupted and told him the hearing was only to discuss issues about the zoning request.

“You have no right to talk about the First Amendment here!”

It’s the traffic, by the way, and the loss of tax revenue (it apparently being better that nothing be built on the lot than something that wouldn’t pay sales tax) and the lot being too small, and not that the good citizens of Hoover think that all Muslims are terrorists. In case you were wondering.