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Ooh, I have an idea!

New Mexico attorney general looking into possible ‘Kid Nation’ violations – Los Angeles Times

Somebody should ask Bill Richardson about “Kid Nation” at one of the 3,000 debates!


The Tiffany Network, ladies and gentlemen!

No Human Rights In “Kid Nation” – August 23, 2007

The Smoking Gun:

Parents of minors starring in “Kid Nation,” the controversial new CBS reality show, signed away their rights to sue the network and the show’s producers if their child died, was severely injured, or contracted a sexually transmitted disease during the program’s taping.

I don’t know who comes off worse here, the TV people or the parents.

More Republifun

Jeffco eyes sale of Cooper Green- al.com

It has come to the attention of the Jefferson County Commission’s Republican majority that the county owns a hospital that is dedicated to caring for poor people, most of them black. As Republicans, they’re naturally opposed. Now, Cooper Green is a horrible, horrifying hospital; I’ve called it the hospital where patients check in but they don’t check out, until they check out. It’s also the only health care option for a lot of people in Birmingham. Knowing Republicans as I do, they’ll probably hand out health care vouchers or something. (“This voucher good for 2/3 of a day at a real hospital!”)

I really don’t get foreign people

Suspicion: Crematorium intentionally set on fire – Israel News, Ynetnews

But then I don’t get Americans, either. Apparently, this was the first crematorium built in Israel, and crematoria are illegal under Jewish law. So someone burned it down. Wouldn’t it be better to, you know, ignore it? What harm is it doing you?

I don’t get people. (H/t: Meryl.)