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Romney not running in Alabama!

Romney’s son cancels Birmingham visit – Breaking News from The Birmingham News –

Not yet, anyway. “Tagg” Romney was going to serve his country by dropping off his dad’s entry into the Alabama primary, but for some reason “scheduling conflicts” prevent that — but not a fundraiser in Huntsville.

On a tangentially related side note, the University of Alabama is crawling with Mormons right now. At least, I think they’re Mormons. Black pants, white shirt, dark tie, backpack. They’re not missionaries, or at least they’re not bugging people as missionaries do, they’re just wandering around like normal students.



Idea to sell hospital criticized-

The two Democrats, both African-American, on the Jefferson County Commission are protesting Bettye Fine Collins’ plan to sell Cooper Green hospital, and the Birmingham City Council has passed a resolution condemning the plan. The hospital doesn’t take any money from the county’s general fund, only from an indigent health care fund. Collins really wants to sell it anyway because it gives health care to the poor and she’s a Republican. Anyway, she says a decision will be reached during the commission retreat in the fall.

Or it might never end

Drought in state might go to spring-

This could be our climate from now on. Who knows? Maybe I should buy a cactus. Anyway, the weathermen are expecting a La Nina year, which would mean a dry winter.

A dramatization

Men’s room arrest reopens questions about Sen. Larry Craig | Eyepiece | Idaho Statesman

REPORTER: Senator Craig, why do you choose public restrooms to pursue gay sex?

CRAIG: Because that’s where the hustlers are!

I’m just guessing, but so far we have two restroom sexcapades, one in Washington and one in Minneapolis.

I really don’t want to keep talking about bathrooms, but every other story it’s bathroom this, toilet that.

Drought contributing to toilet shortage

Drought may have led to park sinkhole –

A sinkhole in an Alabaster park has eaten the park’s restrooms. I guess that will happen. I am not actually looking for toilet stories, they just keep popping up, so to speak.

I’ll bet

Wine adds creative edge to art classes-

“Hey, why should oranges all be orange? I’m painting this still life all-magenta!”
“I didn’t know we were doing nudes this week. Oh, it’s just Bob.”
“Who needs canvas? My chosen medium is the floor!”

There is a simple solution to this

Ethics staff says cases ignored by AG –

“Troy King” has failed to prosecute a single ethics violation by a public official during his time in office. Nine have been recommended to him, and four were on the table when he took the job. Says a spokesman:

“The attorney general has a different and much heavier burden. His is the burden of proof,” Bence said. “Attorney General King has been, and continues to be, pro-active and aggressive on ethics violations,” Bence said.

In the sense that he commits ethics violations like letting Alabama Power treat him to luxury box tickets to Braves games.

Anyway, there’s an easy way to make “Troy” interested. Make ethics violations punishable by the death penalty. He’ll prosecute every one personally.