Daily Archives: September 5, 2007

One down, two to go

Tenor Luciano Pavarotti dead at 71 – CNN.com

You’re next, Placido!


Pandagon :: Mark your calendars for the September 17 Value Voters debate :: September :: 2007

Of course Roy Moore will be a panelist for the “Values Voter Presidential Debate”. Though so far it’s just the second and third tier Republicans who will show up. Knowing St. Roy as I do, I expect him to ask a detailed, complex, three-part question citing Blackstone and Leviticus.

There has to be a Larry Craig comment I could make here

Authorities investigating paddling allegations against Judge Thomas- al.com

Allegedly, Herman Thomas, a suspended Circuit Court judge in Mobile, used to have prisoners from the city jail taken to a “special room” at the courthouse, where he would paddle them. This isn’t disturbing or kinky at all.

Thomas is the cousin of David Thomas, a frequent guest star on War Liberal after he got drunk and ran over a girl’s foot, which was particularly unfortunate as he was president of the school board at the time. As for the room, apparently it’s a storage room which Thomas had changed into an “office” which only he has access to.

(Via Daily Dixie, which is speechless.)

How does this happen?

Sources: B-52 Mistakenly Carried Nukes – washingtonpost.com

Either (a) we aren’t paying attention at all to what’s going onto our planes, or (b) we’re carrying nuclear weapons around so routinely that it didn’t seem odd to anyone that we were ferrying a half-dozen of them to Louisiana.

Oh, can’t we just blame the media?

Candidates blame parents, police for ballgame violence- al.com

Three teenagers and a young woman were shot after a high school football game on Monday, apparently just for standing around. Carole Smitherman, who was at the game, blames the police; William Bell wants to hire more policemen. Valerie Abbott blames the parents, as does Crazy Larry Langford, who claims that the answer to gun violence is his scholarship program. There’s a reason I call him Crazy Larry.