Daily Archives: September 13, 2007

That reminds me…

‘Scott Baio is 45 … and Single’ Returns to VH1 for a Second Season

The one character in the whole Richard Scrushy Parade of Losers who landed on his feet — albeit in a polluted swamp — is Jason Hervey. Hervey, who was given a VP position for being a somewhat famous person who was willing to hang out with Scrushy full-time, is now an executive producer/performer on this piece of low-level “celebreality” sewage. Hey, it’s a living, and hanging out with Scott Baio is probably somewhat less embarrassing than hanging out with Richard Scrushy.

These guys!

HealthSouth figure pleads not guilty to illegal deposits charge – Business News from The Birmingham News – al.com

“Tadd” McVay, member of the CFO Mafia, already on probation for his role in the HealthSouth fiasco, has been charged with making lots and lots of cash deposits in separate bank branches, all just below the $10,000 reporting line. In other words, he’s money-laundering. What a scamp.

Great! Just in time for the housing market to collapse!

Jeffco housing growth exceeds Shelby County’s- al.com

Standard Troy

Shelby DA taken off Death Row case- al.com

“Troy King” took the Shelby County DA off of a case because the DA argued against the death penalty. Two men were convicted of the crime. The actual shooter was 16 at the time of the crime, so when the Supreme Court ruled that executing juveniles was unconstitutional, he was removed from Death Row.

The DA, who since he’s from Shelby County is a Republican, mind you, felt that it was absurd to execute someone who didn’t kill anyone while letting the actual killer live, and argued to a judge to commute the sentence to life. The judge agreed. “Troy” finds the DA’s statements to be “incredible and outrageous”. Also, this has nothing to do with the DA supporting “Troy”‘s opponent in the 2006 election. I agree. “Troy” is just that bloodthirsty.