Daily Archives: September 18, 2007

Apparently Fairfield can’t use fifty bucks

Street name to return to Lloyd Noland Parkway- al.com

Their loss. The street was Lloyd Noland Parkway for about fifty years, until it was renamed after the “since disgraced” HealthSouth founder. Miles College, which now owns the grounds of the hospital which HealthSouth ran into the ground, wanted it to be Miles College Parkway. Did they offer more than fifty bucks?

What a maroon

Prosecutors demand apology from AG King- al.com

“Troy”, under attack from virtually every lead prosecutor in the state, now says that the Shelby DA was “working for the criminal”. “Troy” apparently doesn’t understand such concepts as “officer of the court” or that there might be more to being a prosecutor than just trying to get as many people executed as possible.