Daily Archives: September 26, 2007

The coveted Thomason Tracts endorsement

I think I should make an endorsement in the Birmingham Mayoral race. There are a few concerns here:

1. I don’t live in Birmingham, and haven’t lived in the city limits since I was 12.
2. I am only going to endorse whoever promises to be the most entertaining mayor.

crazy-larry-and-his-little-afro.JPGNow, I feel very strongly that Willis Hendrix would be the most entertaining mayor, plus I used to know the guy, but he doesn’t stand a chance. Therefore, Thomason Tracts endorses Crazy Larry Langford as Birmingham’s next chief executive. As a bonus, he doesn’t live in Birmingham either!

Troy for Congress?

Daily Dixie: Congressional District 2 – Wide Open?

And you guys up in Washington thought Sessions was bad.

Larry Langford and the conservation of parks

Mayoral candidates talk landmarks- al.com

Larry Langford says that he wants the site of Legion Field to be converted into a public park, a miniature version of Flushing Meadows in New York. Meanwhile, a replacement stadium would be built in Fair Park. Why not keep Legion Field and build a public park in Fair Park, which after all already has “park” in its name?

Satirical candidate (I think that’s what he’s doing) Willis Hendrix wants to give Legion Field to the Boy Scouts and will contribute trees to the effort.

Bob Riley to do Lipscomb city council’s job for it

Riley to appoint mayor after city fails to do so- al.com

One may recall that Gov. Riley’s appointments have not all worked out that well. For example: Troy King. I think Riley should appoint Troy to this position, for which he seems eminently qualified.