The coveted Thomason Tracts endorsement

I think I should make an endorsement in the Birmingham Mayoral race. There are a few concerns here:

1. I don’t live in Birmingham, and haven’t lived in the city limits since I was 12.
2. I am only going to endorse whoever promises to be the most entertaining mayor.

crazy-larry-and-his-little-afro.JPGNow, I feel very strongly that Willis Hendrix would be the most entertaining mayor, plus I used to know the guy, but he doesn’t stand a chance. Therefore, Thomason Tracts endorses Crazy Larry Langford as Birmingham’s next chief executive. As a bonus, he doesn’t live in Birmingham either!

6 responses to “The coveted Thomason Tracts endorsement

  1. I haven’t been following Alabama politics beyond reading your entries. Is Langford still admirably, “No, really guys, I think we can reach the moon in 10 years” crazy, or has he evolved into dangerously crazy?

  2. Call it halfway.

  3. You are being totally misrepresenting Larry’s vision for the city.

  4. Excellent. Now he only has to sit back and enjoy the Thomason bump.

  5. How am I doing that? Larry knows he’s crazy. He’s admitted it in candidate forums.

  6. At Workplay:
    “Birmingham needs a crazy man to run this city.” Larry Langford. Either he was talking about himself, or he wants one of the other crazies to win.

    So far I am for Cooper, and I don’t live in Birmingham either.

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