No easy fix? Then forget it.

Crime on candidates’ minds, but there may be no easy fix-

Mayor Bernie tells everyone to take a chill pill:

But Mayor Bernard Kincaid says much of the rhetoric plays to fear rather than facts.

“There’s a perception that crime is running rampant in the city of Birmingham,” he said. “That’s not true.”

Kincaid cites other statistics showing violent crime on the decline. The city has reported 62 homicides in 2007 compared with 81 at this time last year. The city’s ranking for murder rate dropped from No. 2 nationally in 2005 to No. 4 last year, and its overall crime ranking fell from No. 16 to No. 22.

I suppose if you’re the incumbent mayor you have to look on the bright side, but being “only” fourth in murder rate is hardly something to brag about. Forget that, what does Crazy Larry think?

“It’s time to make Birmingham a dangerous place for criminals,” Langford says in one ad.

Well, it’s already pretty dangerous, since a lot of the people who get murdered are criminals, but Larry knows what he’s talking about, since in a previous life he was Black Lightning. (Via Bahlactus.)

But seriously, I like Langford, for all that I mock.

Langford agrees more law enforcement is needed, but has also said that “10 million police won’t stop this problem.”

Instead, he has called for more personal responsibility, saying parents need to return to good parenting. He also says a better education program, including his proposed scholarship plan for students, would help by expanding opportunities.

“It is cheaper to educate a child than to incarcerate them,” he said.

See… that’s right. Of course, you do need more cops, because the current generation of criminals isn’t going to be saved by scholarships. And this is going to cost a whole lot of money.

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  1. Don’t know you, but, do me a solid and credit the Black Lightning image where credit is due please, thanks! (My scan, my site — my content). Good lookin’ out.

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