Daily Archives: September 30, 2007

Larry! Larry! Larry!

Langford leads in mayor poll- al.com

I think it’s safe to say that the Bernard Kincaid Era is going to be over very soon:

Langford was supported by 33 percent of the voters surveyed last week, while political newcomer Patrick Cooper was the choice of 25 percent. Mayor Bernard Kincaid was third at 9 percent, followed by City Council President Carole Smitherman, 6 percent; City Councilwoman Valerie Abbott, 5 percent; and City Councilman William Bell, 4 percent. Other candidates received less than 1 percent, and 18 percent of the voters said they were undecided.


So, unless this poll is way off, and they’re rarely that far off, and if it is we at the UA Communications School are going to have a lot of fun at UAB’s expense, we’re looking at a runoff between Crazy Larry and Patrick Cooper.

61 percent of respondents said that the city was on the wrong track. But the murder rate is going down!