Daily Archives: October 2, 2007

Roy 2008!

Will Giuliani Face A Roy Moore Challenge? – Horserace

Because what you want to build your third-party campaign around is a guy who can’t even win the Republican nomination for governor.

Goodbye, Judge Spanky

Judge Thomas resigns- al.com

This is the guy who allegedly would have young offenders taken from the cells and brought to a “special room” near his chambers, where he would spank them with a paddle. But it was all for their own good. anyway, he resigned for other ethical reasons, connected to his cousin, the former school board member who got drunk and ran over a student’s foot during Mardi Gras. Fun family.

Oh, hooray!

Siegelman’s case headed for Congress- al.com

To reiterate: Siegelman got in lots of trouble as governor and was almost certainly guilty, but the Birmingham US Attorney is completely incompetent and wound up blowing the case before it even got to trial. So the Montgomery prosecutor decided to go after Siegelman (and Scrushy, whose case Birmingham also screwed up) and got convictions for what is essentially politics as usual; if Siegelman is guilty so is everyone else from President Bush on down. And then there were reports of Karl Rove getting involved, which made no sense because Siegelman wasn’t going to be the Democratic nominee no matter what, but Rove is stupid enough to spend energy on such a thing, so you can’t count it out.