No, not in Alabama!

Selective Justice in Alabama? – TIME

Well, at least it’s a different type of selective justice than we’re used to. It turns out that Lanny Young not only said that he bribed Siegelman, but that he bribed Sessions and Pryor too. Did they get prosecuted or even investigated? Of course not. Heck, Pryor got appointed a Federal judge.

Any Democrat, for any office, is better than any Republican now. Throw them all out.

Via Kos. Let me add that Kos’ unfamiliarity with the Alabama political environment shows here. He’s simply wrong about Siegelman’s chances in 2006; he wasn’t going to win the nomination and he wasn’t going to beat Riley if he did, though presumably he would have at least tried to win, unlike Lucy Baxley. Going after Siegelman was just Republican piling on.


2 responses to “No, not in Alabama!

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  2. walt moffett

    Currentily, my plan is write in Cthulhu/Yog-Sogoth for the top of the ticket. Neither side of the national level has impressed me

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