Daily Archives: October 11, 2007

The courts might disagree

Riley says he’ll name Langford successor- al.com

It’s not clear that Riley has the authority to name a county commissioner. In 2005, he named a Republican to the Mobile County Commission, and a panel of Federal judges later ruled this was a violation of the Voting Rights Act. (Not because it was a Republican, because changes that affect African-American voters have to be approved by the courts.) It seems likely that Riley will appoint on of the several dozen black Republicans in the state to the post.

Loose change

Langford vows change is on the way- al.com

Um… Larry… You might want to think about this some more.

“I’m going to fund transit. I want to see streetcars running again in this community,” he said Monday during a weekly lunch meeting of the YMBC, a civic group. “If you’re scared I’m going to do something to change the city, you better vote for someone else because I am.”

Langford pledged to find money during his first 100 days in office for major initiatives that will include transit, a domed stadium and scholarships for high school graduates. Langford told the YMBC that Birmingham residents must be willing to accept strategies to pay for the projects.

“We want all of these things, but no one wants to pay for anything,” he said. “We can find any dollars we want to, even if we have to get creative.”

I’m not sure how creative he means. Is he going to mug Mountain Brook? Not that I’m opposed to mugging Mountain Brook, mind you, but even without the Birmingdome this is a whole lot of money. And he can’t expect help from the county because the other commissioners hate him. If he seriously tries all of this, the city is going to need a bailout in a few years.