Daily Archives: October 12, 2007

Oh, hell no

Langford asks for monthly meetings with Jeffco leaders- al.com

The way I figure it, the other commissioners will think, “Hey, we just got rid of that guy,” and will not be too eager to keep hanging out with him. I could be wrong.

Speaking of Al Gore…

Cooper cites U.S. voting law- al.com

It’s the “Help America Vote Act”! Patrick Cooper says that HAVA means that provisional ballots case in the mayoral election have to be counted. The voting people say that a state law says that they can’t be counted. I seem to recall that federal law trumps state law, and that if provisional ballots aren’t counted that there’s really no reason to have them. Since the voting irregularities leading to the provisional ballots (mostly people finding that their polling places had changed) were mostly in Cooper-favoring districts…


Gore shares Nobel Peace Prize with U.N. panel – CNN.com

Okay, I guess that the way it works out is:

1. Nobel Peace Prize
2. Oscar
3. Emmy

Has he won a Grammy yet? Is he going on Broadway to pick up a Tony?