Daily Archives: October 16, 2007

“Troy King” humiliated yet again

Case dismissed against Circuit Judge Dan King – Breaking News from The Birmingham News – al.com

“Troy King”‘s 96-count secret indictment of Dan “No Relation — Seriously, Not Even Distantly” King has been thrown out by the retired judge called in to hear the case. Apparently, “Troy” failed to announce the indictment in open court, as per the rules of procedure. Obviously, this is horribly biased and someone will have to be executed in response.

And Debbies will rule all

Vance to be Langford’s chief of staff – al.com

It’s Deborah week! First, a Debbie gets appointed Lipscomb mayor, now Deborah Vance (like Crazy Larry himself, a former TV reporter) is the Birmingham mayor-elect’s chief of staff. Meanwhile, Crazy Larry says he won’t talk to the Birmingham News, because it’s always a good idea to refuse to talk to the city’s only daily newspaper.

Give ’em hell, Debbie

Lipscomb mayor seeks stability- al.com

Lipscomb Mayor-for-now Debbie Miller has plans:

“Our city is financially strapped,” she said during a press conference at City Hall on Monday afternoon. “I want to increase revenue. I want to find more resources. I need to bring some stability to the city.”

Oh, I don’t know. The normal fundraising methods associated with the city council would probably cause less stability, not more. Miller also wants to build a library. I am so applying for the director job.

Republicans come out against elections

Langford seat bringing out candidates – al.com

Bob Riley still says that he gets to appoint Larry Langford’s successor, and Bettye Fine Collins thinks that’s super because she’ll get another Republican that way. Of course, there’s a freaking state law on the books that specifically says that there has to be a special election, but it’s IOKIYAR.