“Troy King” humiliated yet again

Case dismissed against Circuit Judge Dan King – Breaking News from The Birmingham News – al.com

“Troy King”‘s 96-count secret indictment of Dan “No Relation — Seriously, Not Even Distantly” King has been thrown out by the retired judge called in to hear the case. Apparently, “Troy” failed to announce the indictment in open court, as per the rules of procedure. Obviously, this is horribly biased and someone will have to be executed in response.


3 responses to ““Troy King” humiliated yet again

  1. I’m sure the local DA is to blame for being soft on crime. Just waiting for Troy’s press release to confirm my theory.


  2. I know there’s a story behind it, but I’m late to the party. What’s with the quotes you put around Troy King’s name?

  3. The joke is that “Troy King” is actually Roy Moore, in disguise, using his porn name.

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