Is this wise?

I need to go to the dentist, for the first time in [inaudible] years. I have a wisdom tooth that is, essentially, crumbling. The thing is that a previous dentist put a filling in the tooth. Who puts a filling in a wisdom tooth? I mean, a lot of people just have the tooth pulled even if there’s nothing wrong with it.

3 responses to “Is this wise?

  1. While serving at a large military post in Germany during the 80’s, I noticed that most soldiers that came through had their wisdom teeth pulled. Then I discovered a large number of spouses (including mine) did likewise.
    We became good friends witha hygienist working in the office there and she said they had orders to “strongly recommend” extraction to anyone between 18 and 35 years old!

  2. One reason to pull them, even if they come in OK, is that they are hard to brush and floss and so will be prone to cavities. But I still have my wisdom teeth and I’m almost 40. Never had a problem with them at all.

  3. They yanked it, then gave me hydrocodone.

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