Bob Riley hates elections

Election set to replace Langford-

That is manifestly clear. He hates the idea of the citizens of Jefferson County getting to decide on Langford’s replacement, and says that the courts will rule in his favor, even though they didn’t in Mobile. Jerk.

3 responses to “Bob Riley hates elections

  1. He’s following the law. Don’t like it? Get the legislature to pass a new local law.

  2. There is a law. This is Mobile all over again.

  3. In fairness, it wasn’t the Alabama law that overturned his appt in Mobile, but the appeal in Federal court using the Voting Rights Act. There was a big snarl of argument at the state level as to whether the Mobile law had been passed before or after the state constitution said you could pass such a law…or something. I never did understand it. IIRC, Riley lost the first round of this but won when it got to the state Supreme Court. (I’m sure the fact that the court is majority-Republican had absolutely nothing to do with it. )

    Riley may or may not be able to make the same legal objections to the Jeff County law, but that doesn’t matter, since the district’s “racial” makeup is quite similar to District One in Mobile, and it seems certain an federal appeal based on the VRA would go the same way. We have already seen that appointing a Republican who happens to have brown skin ain’t gonna cut it with the Feds.

    I objected to the federal ruling (although I was as anxious as anybody else to lose Riley’s appointed guy, who was in WAY over his head) b/c it seemed to me that, if there had been no election, due to state law (which had, however unfairly, been held up by the state court) then how could anybody’s VOTING rights have been violated? However, the point is that the Dems had a race card to play, they played it, and it trumped Riley’s hand (to continue with the card metaphor). Unless the makeup of the Federal court has changed in the interim, I cannot understand how he hopes to win this time.

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