Daily Archives: November 20, 2007

No wonder he’s in such a hurry

Judge still has not ruled on Patrick Cooper’s challenge of Larry Langford’s qualification to be Birmingham’s mayor- al.com

I mean, the judge could declare Langford ineligible, what with him living in Fairfield and all. If he’s going to raise taxes, he better get it done quickly just in case.

Guess who’s back!

Lipscomb councilman contests charge- al.com

Yep, Gaston Randle, Lipscomb City Councilman, has been arrested again! What for?

A Lipscomb city councilman who was arrested on public intoxication charges in Brighton on Friday says he was not drunk, but experiencing symptoms of hyperglycemia.

Gaston Randle, who is diabetic, said he had pulled over along the 4400 block of Bessemer Superhighway late Friday afternoon and was standing outside his car, dizzy and stumbling because his blood sugar was high. Randle said he had not taken his insulin “in a couple days.”

Uh, Gaston… why weren’t you taking your insulin? I’m diabetic, too (Type II, though) and I know how important maintenance is to us. And why were you driving at all, knowing your sugar levels were messed up? And why were you wandering around outside a funeral home? Are you planning to run for mayor of Birmingham at some point? So many questions…

“Just give me the money. I promise, it’ll be great!”

Birmingham City Council to set public hearing on Mayor Larry Langford’s tax increase proposal- al.com

During an almost two-hour meeting with Langford Monday, several council members expressed support for his plan while others lamented the lack of details in the ambitious proposal.

“It takes money to fix this stuff,” Langford said. “What I gave you were the details. I didn’t give Einstein’s Theory of Relativity to you because it wasn’t necessary.”

Still, those crazy councilors — who must be bitter after Langford beat them all to become mayor — are going to hold public hearings on the matter instead of just raising taxes and giving the money to Langford in sacks of tens and twenties.