Daily Archives: November 25, 2007

Well, yeah

Study to gather info for the next trip to the moon- al.com

First line:

“Oxygen, water and rocket fuel will be vital for astronauts manning an outpost on the moon.”

Actually, oxygen and water are pretty much vital for everyone everywhere.

Form of… an exorbitant white elephant!

Langford’s dome plan takes form- al.com

And what form is that? Well, as mentioned yesterday, it’s a form where the voters don’t get to decide on the thing, because they just don’t appreciate it and keep voting against it, and instead the city council will decide. The usual suspects — John “Horse Track” Rogers, and Gene “I’m Not Sure What He Does For A Living” Hallman — are all for it, though.

The Birmingdome would seat 57,500, with room for expansion. There is, of course, no pro football team to put in it, and only one college game a year (the Alabama A&M-Alabama State Magic City Classic) that would have a chance of filling it. UAB football is, of course, a sad joke. I guess they plan to keep it busy with tractor pulls.