It’s old! Destroy it!

Birmingham mayor proposes razing Boutwell Auditorium, giving land for art museum expansion-

Well, if it’s really costing over a million dollars a year to maintain and only brings in $200,000, I suppose you should. But it’s a pretty historic building. He also wants to demolish Legion Field, presumably after the Birmingdome is built. So Legion Field will outlast the Pyramids.

Langford mentioned several other possible initiatives during his Rotary Club address at the Harbert Center, including a proposal to tear down Legion Field, talks with a developer to build a large mall in the city, and a move to bring bingo or a lottery to town to support health care.

That’s our Larry! Bingo or a lottery! I can’t imagine that Bob Riley or Troy King would put a stop to that. Not to mention Roy Moore. And I know that I want to do all my mall shopping where the sales taxes are highest, don’t you?


3 responses to “It’s old! Destroy it!

  1. When was Boutwell Auditorium built? It’s not on the National Register or anything, is it? If so, good luck with that, Larry.

    Bingo. That’s hilarious. Maybe bingo IN a large mall. They could set up tables and a caller in the, you know, the atrium. Or maybe in this historic auditorium–“Boutwell Bingo.”

    “Undah th’ BEEE…” I can hear it now.

  2. I think he may have some sort of Tourette’s. He says whatever comes to his mind, and doesn’t think it through. “We’ll raise more money by… state-sponsored bingo! It’ll be great! Also, we’ll sell advertising space on the side of City Hall!”

  3. They used to have some great wrestling matches at Boutwell Auditorium. Robert Fuller vs. the Mongolian Stomper was better than anything on the WWE today.

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