Birmingham Mayor Larry Langford wants city Board of Education Building leveled for more development-

And why not level the Board of Education itself? I mean, it’s not like they’re doing such a super job.

The building is “prime real estate, but our prime real estate” according to the Board, which is an independent agency Larry can’t just make clear out whenever he wants.


2 responses to “BOOM!

  1. I’ve gone from picturing Homer Simpson singing “The Garbageman Can” to one of the original Star Trek episodes, when William Shatner went looney (due to the presence of undetected alien rays, pollen, whatever) and had to be “relieved of command” by Mr. Spock. They would drag him out of his big captain chair, him raving and struggling the whole time, and then Bones would stick him with that medinjector thing that made the whishing sound, and he’d go all limp.

  2. sigh… a few months ago I was hoping to be able to find a career in Birmingham. I was a little disappointed that Huntsville was about the only place in Alabama for an engineer.

    Now? Huntsville here I come.

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