Daily Archives: December 11, 2007

And the year of desert conditions continues

Birmingham, Alabama, sets record high temperature Monday; another record may fall Tuesday- al.com

I like it when it’s cold. This is no fun. I actually had to run my air conditioner a couple of nights ago. Luckily, There’s No Such Thing As Global Warming, or it’d really be hot.

It’s likely to finish as the dryest year on record, breaking a mark set in 1895.

Eh, he just wants to meet Oprah

Birmingham mayor Larry Langford wants Oprah Winfrey to attend giveaway of laptop computers to students- al.com

So, Larry worked out this deal to get laptops for students from a program that’s originally designed to help children in the Third World. I’m not saying it’s the worst symbolism I’ve ever seen, but it’s up there. Anyway, he’s trying to get Oprah to come down to preside over the giveaway, which will now only make the kids disappointed that they aren’t all getting cars.

Have you noticed how often the phrase “Birmingham Mayor Larry Langford” appears in these headlines? It’s like they can’t quite believe it.