Cui bono?

Birmingham Mayor Larry Langford favors dome at dog track; BJCC officials hope downtown site is chosen-

So, Crazy Larry wants to build the Birmingdome out at the dog track rather than downtown. Gosh, I wonder who that would help?

Birmingham Race Course owner Milton McGregor major landowner near proposed dome site-

Why, it’s politically connected and oft-investigated gambling entrepreneur Milton McGregor! What are the odds?

Also wanting to build at the dog track, to no one’s surprise, is John “Horse Track” Rogers, the state legislator whose fault the dog track (once the horse track in Rogers’s name) largely is. Amazingly, the main road the dog track is located on is John Rogers Drive. If Larry really wants to get on Rogers’ good side, he could always name the stadium the JohnRogersDome.


2 responses to “Cui bono?

  1. Maybe they can teach the dogs to play football.

  2. And make the rabbit a reciever?

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