The WGA’s mistake

Show Tracker : Los Angeles Times : WGA files charges with labor board against AMPTP

The WGA has gone to the National Labor Relations Board claiming that the producers aren’t bargaining in good faith. It’s pretty clear that the producers aren’t bargaining in good faith; they’re doing things like asking the writers to come to the table with concessions and they’ll then discuss other matters, and then turning around and asking for more concessions right away.

However, the NLRB will almost certainly side with the producers, because this is George Bush’s unionbusting NLRB.

The thing is that before the strike the producers offered (I believe) a two-year study into Internet streaming (the key issue) before negotiating. The writers were against this, because it was obviously an attempt to get two years’ profits before paying anything. However, in retrospect it would have been wise to accept the offer. In two years, the NLRB will probably be part of a Democratic administration, and much more likely to be at least neutral.


3 responses to “The WGA’s mistake

  1. Ponder this, Democrats are getting a lot of money from the entertainment industry, mainly from the management side in this action. Which way will the NLRB lean then?

  2. They’re getting a lot of money from performers, too — and the actors (whose contract runs out in May) are strongly supporting the writers. But at any event, any Democrat has to be better than Bush. And this isn’t necessarily a micromanaging issue from the White House. A more labor-friendly NLRB is going to be better for pretty much any union no matter the industry.

  3. Thought the NLRB was supposedily a neutral mediator.

    However, concur that Cthulhu will make a better president.

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