It would appear so

Birmingham Mayor Larry Langford believes he’s the target of a federal criminal investigation-

I’ve basically been ignoring this… It has to do with a bond issue during the period BMLL (I’m going to use that from now on, short for “Birmingham Mayor Larry Langford”, which is what the News always uses in its headlines) was head of the county commission. I don’t understand what it is he’s supposed to have done, but I think it had something to do with kickbacks. I dunno. Anyway, this is the Birmingham US Attorney’s Office, so even if they bring charges they’ll just mess it up, and I don’t see how Montgomery could bail them out this time.


4 responses to “It would appear so

  1. The reason The News uses that title in every headline is so that they’ll come up first whenever someone searches for stories about him. If you notice, the headline that runs in the paper is different than the headline used on the site. They’re going for eyeballs…

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