I’m actually quite serious

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I made a joke in the comments to this post saying that I expect some Republican soon to endorse the return of chastity belts. Upon further reflection, I think that this should be taken seriously. There is very little I would put past the modern Republican Party. And remember Newt Gingrich’s orphanages? Eventually, they’ll be forced to move past abstinence “education” and into abstinence enforcement. I only hope they stop short of female circumcision. I mean it — I would believe anything from them at this point.

3 responses to “I’m actually quite serious

  1. Saltpeter in the school lunches, I’m guessing.

  2. School lunches? What are you, a communist? They can bring their own gruel to school.

  3. Won’t put it past either party, especially if the polls show it could be winning issue.

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