Dome dome dome – News and Info on Birmingham, Alabama’s quest for a Domed Stadium

Of course there’s a Birmingdome blog now. (Via Daily Dixie.) Since the dome will never be built, the blog could theoretically last forever.

The Dome
I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again. Birmingham needs a dome stadium. For the past decade or so Birmingham has been struggling to become the city it was always meant to be. However, living in the shadows of neighbors like Atlanta and Nashville, Birmingham will never be a destination spot in and of itself until we have a reason for people to come.

And that would be a place to hold tractor pulls and where UAB can play football games in front of 40,000 empty seats, I suppose. I guess that’s a reason to come.

I don’t know who “I” in the quote is, so am unable to verify that he or she has said it before and will say it again, but I (meaning in this case me, not the person at the blog in question) have no reason to doubt that “I” will say it before and will say it again.


5 responses to “Dome dome dome

  1. “I don’t know who “I” in the quote is…”

    Ahh, the power of the internet (to find information about the internet):

  2. walt moffett

    The dome’s score board might be fun for the kiddies to play with when they get their new laptops and learn scripting.

  3. Michael Bowen

    The dome could be a wi-fi hot spot! People will absolutely come in droves if there’s free wi-fi!

  4. Oh my God, you’ve hit it. There could be wifi blasters all across its roof, sending out sprays of signal like giant invisible Chia Pet shoots.

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