Daily Archives: January 3, 2008

Evil Little Block

Alabama Sen. Jeff Sessions holds up prisoner rehab bill- al.com

Sen. Jeff Sessions, in the final days of the congressional year, temporarily blocked legislation to help former prisoners re-enter society because of concerns that it would dramatically increase federal spending on untested programs.

Yeah, we should only spend money on tested programs. Like abstinence education.

Larry hates the newspaper

Mayor, councilman spar over city’s newspaper advertising- al.com

BMLL wants to pull the city’s publishing of legal notices nobody reads from the Birmingham News and is going to ask “Troy King” if he can do this. He probably can’t, because the ads have to be in a general circulation newspaper and the News is the only one.

Langford says that he hates the News but that this has nothing to do with why he wants to pull the ads. Right.

Note that this is all from a story in the News so it’s not exactly unbiased.


Langford pushes for Internet-friendly city churches- al.com

It’s not actually such a bad idea to have churches provide WiFi service, though it may lead to temptation.

Guns don’t kill people. Morons kill people.

Celebratory gunfire may have killed seven-year-old outside his home- al.com

Seven years old, killed by some moron who doesn’t understand that bullets fired in the air will then do something we call “fall down”.

Nothing but good times ahead!

medium_bhatlogo.jpgNew logo aims to conjure magic of Birmingham- al.com

All of Birmingham’s problems have been solved. They have a new logo!