Langford pushes for Internet-friendly city churches-

It’s not actually such a bad idea to have churches provide WiFi service, though it may lead to temptation.

6 responses to “ChiFi

  1. How powerful would these routers have to be? Our church recently installed wireless and shared the password with the congregation, a move I thought odd until the first time our DSL died (squirrels chew the phone lines) and I was happy to hustle on down there with my laptop. But I don’t recall the signal carrying very far past the front doors.

  2. walt moffett

    Don, not very about 100 meters or so. With repeaters, you can extend the range to where ever you have a clear line of sight.

    What is interesting about this proposal, is that it gives his excellency a direct line to a sizable chunk of the city’s power brokers.

  3. Are you suggesting BMLL plans to hack the choiches?

  4. walt moffett

    No, in the old days when we whittled out morse code keys, a direct line meant you have a dedicated communication pipeline.

    So with a few clicks, He Whose Thunder Shall Not Be Denied, can send a news letter, sermon ideas, and otherwise keep the churches on side.

    The churches themselves may find the router logs entertaining.

  5. Kewl! At least people could entertain themselves when the preacher started rambling if they had wi-fi and a hand held device.

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