Daily Archives: January 8, 2008

Those darned black people get all the breaks!

In the 2008 race, it’s better to be black. – By Anne Applebaum – Slate Magazine

I, for one, want to know when a white guy will get a chance to be president. Don’t you?

Miracle of the wireless routers

Dozens of Birmingham pastors agree to set up wireless hot spots- al.com

A bunch of churches are putting up WiFi hubs as part of BMLL’s plan to saturate the city.

Langford said the routers will be filtered and designed to block obscene content. While concerns about security will be addressed, Langford said the most pressing need is providing service to the city’s students.

1. I guess that Larry and I have different interpretations of what service the city’s students want.

2. I also guess this site will not be available on Birmingham WiFi.

Fish win, industry loses, yay!

Sturgeon stays on protected list- al.com

A group of “industry” lawyers (that is, people who think it would be dandy if we could just strip-mine the whole world, except for golf courses) was basically trying to get the Endangered Species Act overturned by the Supreme Court. The Alabama sturgeon is certainly endangered — in that there appears to be only one left — but the corporate creeps say that because there’s no “economic” use of the sturgeon, there only being one left, Congress shouldn’t have the ability to protect it. The Court refused to hear the case.

This is not going to end well

2 charged in spate of Alabama church arsons dabbled in Satanism, sheriff says- al.com

Never does, of course, but I smell brimstone… and it isn’t from Satanists. It’s from the people who are going to go nuts over these pathetic losers — who may or may not be guilty — and turn this into a more or less literal witch-hunt.