Daily Archives: January 10, 2008

What country is this?

Crowd at public forum in Hoover tells state panel to crack down on illegal immigration – Breaking News from The Birmingham News – al.com

Apparently Hoover has a “Joint Interim Patriotic Immigration Commission”. Or JIPIC, I suppose. Anyway, listen to these people:

Steve Sills of Shelby County said an illegal immigrant from Honduras crashed into his car last year and caused back injuries that forced him to miss months of work.

Because nobody ever got hit by a car driven by a citizen or legal non-citizen, I suppose.

Jane Barton of Jefferson County complained about the difficulties of dealing with non-English-speaking service workers in restaurants and stores and about loud Mexican music blaring from home construction sites.

I almost suspect that “Birmingham News Staff” is having fun by finding people with really petty complaints to embarrass JIPIC. Those damned Mexicans and their salsa music! We’ll see in the paper story in the morning.

UPDATE: Apparently, JIPIC is a statewide thing that was just visiting Hoover.

Bettye Fine Collins using taxpayer money to support right-wing shills

Jefferson County Commission votes to give Eagle Forum of Alabama money to host forum- al.com

Is this even legal? I mean, giving money to those paleoconservative hacks to say that Mexicans are evil and that There’s No Such Thing As Global Warming™? You can do that?