Really? I hadn’t noticed.

Metro Birmingham’s transit system needs newer, more efficient buses-

Look, the current Birmingham bus fleet was starting to look decrepit when I last rode the bus — ten years ago. They’re junk. But there’s little political will for replacing them, as I’ve pointed out before, because while buses are efficient in a metropolitan area like Birmingham they’re not cool. Streetcars are cool, and light rail, but not buses. But apparently they’re finally getting around to replacing the buses, and are looking at natural gas vehicles, which are at least a little cool. And the fuel’s half the price, per gallon.


4 responses to “Really? I hadn’t noticed.

  1. Don’t be so sure on the price of LPG either. The local propane delivery trucks burn diesel and lost their “powered by propane” stickers years ago.

  2. Yeah, but that was before the price of gasoline and diesel hit $3/gallon.

  3. Yet, for some reason, despite having the parts and supplies readily available, they haven’t switched back. Maybe they know something about the projected price of LPG/CNG compared to diesel we don’t.

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