It’s Phone book day!

So here’s this “Real Yellow Pages Companion”, which seems to be the Yellow Pages but in really little print. And there on the cover is this note:

Caution: Please do not use this directory while operating a moving vehicle.

So, you know there have been people who have been looking in the book while driving. Damn cell phones! Anyway, this note does not appear on the main phone book. This can only mean that AT&T is actually endorsing the use of the phone book while driving. Be warned.


6 responses to “It’s Phone book day!

  1. IIRC from the last time one of these landed on my doorstep, you must have to pay even more to get in the tiny book, or something – lots of businesses were omitted. Nice idea – I love having a phone book in the car, and this small one would have been great – but I tossed it in the recycle bag.

  2. Did you throw it away because it said not to use it in the car?

  3. I’m confused. What’s ichthy about this topic?

  4. Oops, that was a mistake.

  5. No, I threw it away because I considered it to be useless. It’s not a phone book, it’s a list of selected businesses who were willing to pay more to be in it. Kind of like those “dining guides” in hotel rooms.

    That’s how I remember it, anyway. Maybe I’m wrong and it’s a faithful recreation in miniature of the “real” phone book. Haven’t gotten this year’s model yet.

  6. Since it’s miniaturized, I suppose it’s not realistic to use it to sit on if your car seat keeps you too low to see over the steering wheel?

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