Of course they did

Birmingham council backs Mayor Larry Langford’s sports park plan – Breaking News from The Birmingham News – al.com

They do whatever Larry wants. He has some sort of hypnotic hold over the whole council. Build a sports/residential complex with a racetrack and a freaking equestrian center? Whatever you say, Dr. Svengali!

3 responses to “Of course they did

  1. “[BMLL] said he has identified more than $26 million available for the project:…$9.69 million in city money previously budgeted for school projects. “

    What would the Birmingham School System do with $10 million anyway, right? Probably blow it on air-conditioners, roofs, or textbooks that told kids Germany is unified now. As if they’re ever going to use that information in real life.

  2. Maybe they can get jobs as pit crew at the racetrack. Or they could clean up after the horses.

  3. You forget the career opportunities in the lawn care, domestic service, retail trade, fast food and personal service industries.

    This new development will ensure continued employment and create new positions.

    The city schools will do their part to ensure such workers are fully qualified to enter these careers.

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