Those wacky black voters!

Black voters in Alabama drifting from Clinton’s to Obama’s camp-

See, if I were the writer or editor, I would have gone with “Obama takes lead in Alabama primary”. Maybe that’s just me. It’s 40-35, according to the AEA poll. Bill is stopping by this weekend to try and staunch the bleeding, and presumably to drop some more code words on us. I’m really pissed at the former President right now, and I am extremely white.

4 responses to “Those wacky black voters!

  1. Careful with the Clinton Derangement Syndrome, you might start calling him George and her Lurleen.

  2. “Drifting.” Nice. Poor unanchored souls.

    When white voters change their mind, it’s a very determined-sounding “shift.”

  3. I wonder if Hispanic voters “migrate.”

  4. No, if I understand Lou Dobbs correctly, they just invade.

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