One quibble…

In Huffman, Hoover and Homewood, early voters voice passion for change and conservatism – Breaking News from The Birmingham News –

“Change” and “conservatism” could be seen in some quarters as incompatible values. Just saying. I’ll be voting (for Obama) at lunch.


2 responses to “One quibble…

  1. Only if conservative has been mutated to mean wanton and reckless squandering of US funds, resources, natural and human. Something vaguely resembling actual conservatism (or what I always thought that word meant) would indeed be quite a change.

    Among those calling themselves conservative, not so much change. I hope your vote (and mine) help to carry the day in Alabama–we’re overdue to do something newsworthy that doesn’t involve a tornado or an imprisoned former governor. Here’s hoping.

  2. I realized today that this is the first time in my life as a voter (dating to 1990) that I’ve voted in a Federal election where it actually mattered how I voted. The 1992, 2000, and 2004 primaries were settled by when Alabama voted. The presidential elections were, of course, not contested here. I’m in the wonderful Spencer Bachus district, so the House is never in play and rarely even contested. Don’t get me started on the Senators.

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