Shelbots voting Dem?

Shelby County poll workers surprised many are choosing Democrat ballots – Breaking News from The Birmingham News –

I’m surprised they even have Democratic ballots in Shelby County. This is presumably good for Barack Obama, since he supposedly gets independents. Who knows?


6 responses to “Shelbots voting Dem?

  1. No, silly, it’s all part of the Republican strategy to secure Obama as the Dem nominee. Because no matter what racist America says to those telephone pollsters, when the polling booth curtains are closed, we will never be able to pull the lever for a black president. Never, never, never. Never! It’s foolproof!!

  2. Yes, but what Republicans fail to realize is that Obama is that Duke basketball GQ coffee color shade of black, which is immune to the Bradley effect and totally electable.

  3. Obama = Grant Hill?

  4. I had to look this up after I made that equation… Hill’s mother was Hillary’s college roommate, but Grant endorsed Obama.

  5. Shane Battier contributed to Obama’s campaign.

  6. “…it’s all part of the Republican strategy to secure Obama as the Dem nominee…”

    Are we sure it’s not an attempt to get that polarizing, unelectable woman nominated?
    I dunno. I suppose deep in that glut of subdivisions choking I-65, there could be some free thinkers, maybe transplants from Northern states who legitimately support a Democrat.

    I like “Shelbots.”

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