Debbie Miller drunk with power!

Former Lipscomb officer disputes firing process-

Mayor Miller fired the police officer who celebrated Christmas Eve by shooting a guy. The officer (who was cleared of wrongdoing in the incident, but who had two previous suspensions and shot two people while on the Birmingham PD) wants to appeal but can’t because the city council is still “defunct”. And you thought Jefferson County had problems. So I guess Debbie is ruling by decree now.


2 responses to “Debbie Miller drunk with power!

  1. Lets see the town has a three member personnel board, a police chief and no procedures manual for its PD, an inoperative city council and mayor making it up as she goes.

    Gantt still has it beat. There, the mayor is under court order to stay 50 feet away from any council member or town employee.

  2. But Lipscomb also has one city councilman in jail and another who had to resign after several incidents that are collectively likely to put him in prison.

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