Three points

Daily Kos: State of the Nation
Campaign Soundtracks

1. There’s a lot of Van Halen, but it’s all from the Sammy years. I think that’s the mistake. Imagine if Mitt Romney had come out on stage to, say, “Panama”. It could have turned the whole campaign around.

2. ABBA? Really?

3. The bit about McCain puts me in the position of siding either with John McCain or John Mellencamp. I would rather die.


3 responses to “Three points

  1. Why am I not surprised that Hillary supporters chose Celine Dion?

    With Mitt, it just goes to show that no one wins with Van Hagar.

  2. Also, she apparently got the coveted Paula Abdul endorsement today. Obama is totally kicking ass on the music front.

  3. e. nonee moose

    ABBA? Really?

    Yeah, Hillary should definitely come out on stage to the tune of “Dancing Queen.” It’s soooooo her!

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